1. How many times have you had sex?  lemme add up please.

boyfriend edition 1 = 0

boyfriend edition 2 = 0

boyfriend edition 3 = 6

boyfriend edition 4 = 3

friendly companion edition 1 = 1

therefore I’ve had sex about 10 times.

2. Is sex really important to you in a relationship?

To me it is, I find it an important way to show your love for one another, however, their are many more important things like: trust, health, compassion, love and loyalty which override sex.

3. How was the first time you had sex [details if you don’t mind]?
It was really funny actually! The condom actually broke and I was stressed out for weeks that I could be pregnant, but I wasn’t so hahaha, it’s all good.

4. How many different positions have you tried? not sure, like 2 i’m pretty basic.

5. And how many different places have you done it? 2. Couch and bed. :)

6. How long does sex usually last for you?  30-40 minutes, considering the messing around before.

7. Ever worry about getting caught? I was always cautious.

8. Have you ever been caught? nope.

9. What position do you like best [don’t be shy!]?  Missionary.

10. Why is sex better rough?  I don’t know, it just is, I guess you can just let go and do what ever you want and say what you like.

1. How many different types of drugs have you done [list]? apart from alcohol and cigarettes, i’m a good girl and I haven’t done anything apart from cocaine. ;)

2. How many different types of alcohol have you drank?  too many.

3. How was your first time getting drunk/high?  ridiculous.

4. Do you prefer drugs or alcohol? alcohol, I don’t get attached to it.

5. Have you ever been to a rave?  no.

6. Do you take any prescription drugs [for medical reasons or not]?  Just birth control.

7. Do the parties you go to generally have drugs/alcohol?  yep, mostly

8. Are you a social drinker/smoker? not really.

9. Is anyone in your family an alcoholic/drug addict?  nope.

10. Been to rehab?  Nope.

1. Who is your favorite band? Marilyn Mason.

2. Do prefer rock to rap?  yep.

3. What was the last concert you went to? Lady GAGA.

4. How much money would you pay to see your favorite band perform live [I mean you’d have front row seats and all that]?  $400.00 i’m going to see him in February.

5. Do you have any band tees? Which ones?  yes: Marilyn Manson , Lady GAGA, Empire of the Sun, Boy and Bear, Anthrax, System of a Down, Kanye West, Offspring, Bon Iver.

6. Do you sing along to songs all the time?  yes.
7. Are you a music junkie? yep.

8. Who is your favorite old rock star? Marilyn Manson

9. What is your favorite movie involving rock music? as tacky as it was, I really enjoyed

Rock of Ages.
10. Would you ever be in a band?  no, i’m not musically talented.

All of ‘em together
1. Why do people associate the three of these things together? 

I guess because along with the rock n roll culture comes sex and drugs,.

2. Out of the three which is your favorite?  music.

3. Would you give up the other two to have alot of the other one? yes.

4. Ever associate them together yourself [ex: sex with music]? alcohol and sex maybe.

5. Do you have any advice on getting into any of the three?

snort cocaine, fuck loads, and play your music too loud.

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he looks so elegantly bitchy in this

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Dear child, yes, enjoy your food. And then remember there are such things as NAPKINS.


Dear child, yes, enjoy your food. And then remember there are such things as NAPKINS.

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So I came home from work and made this.

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